Has Blackberry become the Betamax VCR of the Smartphone world?

This week marked the historic arrival of the iPhone 4S to Sprint customers across the nation.  Hooray… right?

I know that this is a game-changer for Sprint, but what will the big picture implications be?  Is it just inevitable that eventually EVERYONE will have an iPhone?  What about Android?  It’s been outselling iOS for quite a while now.  And remember Windows?  Will anyone ever embrace Windows Mobile?  Now don’t even get me started on Blackberry.  As late as August of last year RIMM had a dominating 37.6% market share of smart phone platforms in the US.  Today, that figure is closer to zero than ever before and picking up steam.   RIMM has apparently thrown in the towel and hired some investment bankers to shop the company around.

If you bought the stock a year ago, you may want to consider giving it to your kids to doodle on now.

However, if you’re a gambler, you may want to snap some up now and dump it as soon as a suitor is found.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Blackberry.  I’ve been a loyal user for ten years now, and I think the brand new Bold with the touch screen is the best Smartphone I’ve ever used.  I tried the Android.  I became very familiar with the terms “Force Close” and I even bought 13 extra chargers so I could get through an entire workday, but I just couldn’t commit.  Nothing blocks and tackles like a Blackberry.  Unfortunately, the world wants sexy, and RIMM was too busy counting their money to look up as the world passed by.

Selfishly, I hope that someone, somehow can make the Blackberry a contender again.  Sadly, I fear that my phone will eventually end up on the same pile as all those Beta tapes of  Barney Miller and Chico and the Man.

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